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Coconut palm

Scientific name of Coconut palm: Cocos nucifera

Name of Coconut palmin different languages:

Hindi: Nariyal ka ped

Malayalam: Tengu തെങ്ങ്, Kalpavruksham

Sanskrit: Sandhya Raga, Narial

Plant Description:

The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is a tall palm, found throughout the tropic and sub-tropic area, it is growing up to 30 m tall, leaves are pinnate and up to 4 to 6 m long, and pinnae, 60cm to 90 cm long; old leaves falling down in maturity. Almost all part of the tree is useful in various needs in Kerala The name Kerala means ' The place of coconut’ (Kera means coconut and Ala - land or place).

Useful plant parts: Whole parts of the plant are useful, coconut, flowers, oil,

Main uses of this coconut palm:

Coconuts are used as a part of the daily diets (coconut milk, scrambled coconut to prepare curries)
Tender coconut water-As a health drink (Potassium rich)
Oil from dried fruits (Coconut oil)
Charcoal is made from the hard shell.
Coir from fibrous husk to make ropes, coir mattress, coir mats etc
The husks and leaves are used to make furnishing and decorating.
Coconut oil used in cosmetics
Base of Ayurvedic Kerams
Stem are used to make furniture, bridges etc.

Medicinal uses:

Urinal disorders, intestinal worm, dehydration, bladder stone, dysentery, heart problems and skin disorders.

Chemical content: Kaprilic Acid, glicerides, miristic acid, stearic acids

How to prepare medicines with Coconut:

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Used as an ingredient in the Ayurveda medicines like:

Asanavilwadi Velichenna

Asaneladi Velichenna

Balaguloochuadi Keram

Chemparathyadi Keram

Dinesavalyadi Keram

Durvadi Keram

Dineseladi Velichenna

Gopatmajadi Keram

Kayonniadi Velichenna

Karpasasthyadi Velichenna

Lakshadi Velichenna

Malathyadi Velichenna

Nalpaamaradi Keram

Nalopamaradi Keram

Neelibhringadi Keram

Amalaki Tablet

Shiva Gutika

Gulgulumarichadi Tailam

Panchavalkadi Tailam

Tenginpushpadi Thailam

Tenginpushpadi Thailam

Amalaki Tablet

Shiva Gulika

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