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Scientific name of Gajapippali: Scindapsus officinalis

Name of Gajapippali in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Hastitippali

Hindi: Gajapippal, Baripippli

English: Gajapippaly

Malayalam: Attitippali-അട്ടിതിപ്പലി, Aanatippali-ആനതിപ്പലി, Gajatippali-ഗജതിപ്പലി 

Plant description:

Gajapippali or Aanatippali is large climber vine; grow up to 25 feet long. Stems are thick branches are wrinkled. Leaves are big, and size of 12.5 to 25 cm and 6 to 15 cm broad, ovate, acuminate and dark green. The fruits are berries, elongated, greenish yellow, few and fleshy. Seeds are ovate.

Useful plant parts:

Fruit, Shoots, Roots and Leaves.

Medicinal uses: 

To treat asthma, dysentery, throat problems, rheumatism.

Chemical content:

Alkaloid,sterol, glucosidic, cyclopropenoid fatty acids and tetracosadienoic fatty acid 

Medicinal  Properties:

Anthelmintic, appetizer, aphrodisiac, pungent.

Gajapippali is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:-


Devdarvadi Kashaya

Prasarani Kuzhambu



Madana Kameswari Lehyam

Mathala Rasayanam

Shiva Gutika

Kubja Prasarini


Sciemtific study:

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