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The scientific name of Jeevak: Microstylis wallichii Lindl

Synonyms: Seidenfia rheedii (Sw.) (Szlach.), Malaxis rheedii (Sw.), Microstylis versicolor Lindl, Malaxis versicolor (Lindl), Malaxis acuminata D.Don.

Name of Jeevak in different languages:-

English: Jeevak

Hindi: Jivak

Sanskrit: Jivakah

Malayalam: Jeevakam, Jeevakom-ജീവകം 

Tamil: Jivaka

Plant description:

It is a short stemmed terrestrial herb, grow up to 30 cm in height with more or less pseudo-bulb at the base and fibrous roots, leaves are simple, three or four, alternate, sheathing, ovate or lanceolate.  The inflorescence is a long raceme with light brown rachis bearing numerous tiny flowers. Flower buds are green in colour, yellow when ripe. Peak flowering is during September.

It is found  in shady places on clay, in sub mondanate or mid-level tropical mid evergreen forest, extending to sub- tropical mountain forest. It is lithophytic orchid found on the wet rocks, amidst moss and grass, in the opening of semi-evergreen and evergreen forests at altitudes ranging from 800-1100 m above MSL. The natural habitat could be described as dripping rock ecosystem.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lanceolate Margin-Entire Venation-Parallel
 lanceolate-ointed-at-both-ends  Margin_Entire  Venation-Parallel


Useful plant parts:


Medicinal uses:

To treat of haematemesis and fever, seminal weakness, burning sensations, emaciation, tuberculosis and general debility.

Chemical contents:

Amino sugars, glycosides, hexo-samine, starch, free amino acids and protein

Medicinal properties:

Refrigerant, aphrodisiac, febrifuge and tonic.

One of the Ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like:-

Dhanwantharam kashayam

Dhanwantharam kuzhambu

Asthavargam kashayam


Bala Thailam

Baladhatryadi Thailam

Mahanarayan thaialam

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