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Scientific name of Pomegranate: Punica granatum 

Name of Pomegranate in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Satphala, Madhubija.

Hindi: Anaar

Malayalam: മാതളനാരകം Mathalanarakam, ഉറുമാൻപഴം-Uruman pazham.

Plant description

Pomegranate-Punicia granatum is a deciduous small tree or a shrub with multiple thorny branches, grow up to 26 ft tall. The leaves are small coppery green, length up to 6 cm and 1.5 cm wide tapered both the end. The flowers are bright orange-red and 30 mm in diameter, with 3 to 7 petals. The fruits are berries, up to 12 cm in diameter, rounded shape and thicker pericarp is reddish-yellow, a number of seeds inside surrounded a watery pulp.

Useful plant parts:

Seed, fruit rind, leaf, flower

Medicinal uses:
diarrhea, dysentery, and intestinal parasites, a tonic for the heart and throat, cataracts, parasite infestations, increase semen, treat the cough and cold, etc.

Chemical contents: contraceptive and abortifacient, ellagitannins, punicin.


Used as an ingredient in the Ayurveda medicines like-


Dadimadi Ghrita



Arshen Tablet 

Chargeryadi Gulika

Panchamla Thailam

Chargeryadi Gulika

Marichadi Gulika

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