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Scientific name of Henbane: Hyocyamus niger

Name of Henbane in different languages:-

English: stinking nightshade, Devils Eyes

Sanskrit: Kunturushka, Parseek yawani

Hindi: Khurasani ajwain

Tamil: Kurasani Yomam

Malayalam: Kusharani- കുശറാണി

Plant description:

Henbane is a deadly poisonous plant, belongs to Solanaceae family, found all over the world, it is a biennial herb grows up to 1 meter tall, leaves are arranged alternately, with irregular lobs, and covered with a hair, the flowers are big, veined, yellow and large. The whole plant has an unpleasant smell, sometime cause to nausea.

Useful plant parts: Leaves, Flower, Seed

Medicinal uses: To treat mental disorders, relieve rheumatic pains.,local pains of gout or neuralgia.

Chemical contents: scopolamine, atropine, and alkaloid-Hyoscyamine

Henbane is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:

Eladi choornam

Jadamayadi choornam

Panchajeeraka Gudam

Bala Thailam

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