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Black oil plant

Scientific name of Black oil plant: Celastrus paniculatus 

Name of Black oil plant in different languages:-

English: Intellect tree

Sanskrit: Jyotish Mati ज्योतीष्मती, Thejovathi, Peethathaila.

Hindi: Mal-kangani माल-कांगनी

Malayalam: Kilitheenipanji കിളിതീനിപ്പഞ്ഞി

Plant description:

Black Oil Plant is a deciduous woody climber, found all over India. leaves are broad, and oval, simple, elliptic in shape, toothed margins, stems grows up to 10 cm and 6 m long . Flowers are in large panicles at branches end. Capsules are round and deep yellow in color.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-lanceolate Margin-Toothed Venation-Reticulate
 lanceolate-ointed-at-both-ends  Margin_Dentate-with-symetrical-teeth  Recticulate

Useful plant part:

Seed, oil

Medicinal uses:

To reduce chronic immobilization stress

Chemical content:

Fatty acids, alkaloids

How to prepare medicines:

It is used as an ingredient in the Ayurveda medicines like:-

Chitrakadi Tailam 



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