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Ashtapathradi Keram

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Ashtapathradi Keram is an Ayurveda medicine, prepared by the base oil is coconut oil, Ashtapathra-is a Sanskrit word means Leaves of Eight medicinal plant, it is generally prescribed for all types of ENT problems like earache and ear secretions, sinusitis, cough etc. It is prepared by the reference of Sahasrayogam.

Medicinal plants and other ingredient used in the preparation of Ashtapathradi Keram

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Hareetaki – Terminalia Chebula 

Devadaru – Cedrus deodara 

Musta – Cyperus rotundus 

Agrawada-Cassia fistula

Kantakari-Solanum indicum

Bringaj-Elliptica Alba

Shunti – Zingiber Officinalis

Pippali – Long pepper

Maricha – Black pepper

Sandyaraga-Coconut oil

Tel – Gingely oil

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