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Wild elephant foot yam

Scientific name of Wild elephant foot yam: Amorphophallus sylvaticus

Name of Wild elephant foot yam in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Vajrakanta,Vanasoorana, Kanana kanda

Hindi: Vansooran, Bansooran

Malayalam: Kattuchena കാട്ടുചേന.

Plant description:

Wild yam is a perennial herb commonly in tropical areas, Western Ghats or semi-evergreen forests, which is a flowering plant and fruiting in may- August period, single stem is an erect, brown stem with white dots, grows up to 2 feet height, with a glossy green leaf, peduncle elongate to 55 cm, fruits are deep yellow to orange.yam found in deep soil, weight up to 1 kg, hairy, and touching may cause itching.

Useful plant parts:


Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lobed Margin-Entire Venation-palmate
 Lobed-deeply-intended-marguin  Margin_Entire  Venation-palmate

Medicinal uses:

Wild yam is used to treat Vata, Kapha disorders, omitting, cough and sexual weakness.

Flower of Wild Elephant foot Yam
Flower of Wild Elephant foot yam

Wild elephant foot yam is used as an ingredient in:

Suran Vatak 

Pylend Tablets

Bahushala Guda 

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