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Jeeraka thrayam-Combination

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Jeeraka thrayam (ജീരക ത്രയം ) – is an Ayurveda combination of three type of Cumin seeds, which are Karimjeerakam, Jeerakam, Kattu jeerakam, these combinations are used in the preparation of many of Ayurveda medicines.


Black Cumin Cumin seed  Wild Cumin
Blackcumin-plant pointed-chervil-Cumin-Jeerakam wild-cumin-seed


Black Cumin കരിംജീരകം- Nigella sativa, Carum carvi   

Cumin seed – ജീരകം Cuminum cyminum Linn 

 Wild Cumin – കാട്ടുജീരകം Vernonia anthelmintic

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