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Indian globe flowers

Scientific name of Indian globe flowers: Sphaeranthus indicus Linn 

Name of Indian globe flowers in different languages:

English: East Indian globe thistle

Sanskrit: Hapusha, shravani, tapasvini, mundi

Hindi: Gorus, Gorakhmundi

Malayalam: Adakkamaniyan-അടയ്ക്കാമണിയൻ, mirangani

Plant description:

Indian globe thistle is many branched, annual herb with strongly scented and erect growing up to half meters, Stems are cylindrical with wings. Mostly found in the wet soiled area, leaves are 2–7 cm long, 1–1.5 cm wide, greenish-brown in color. Flowers are globe shaped and purple, flowering is October to January.

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant, seeds, flowers, and roots.

Chemical content:


Medicinal uses:

To treat Skin diseases, Cough, Jaundice disease, increase appetite, enriches the  blood, lessens inflammation, luster to eyes, scabies, ringworm of the waist etc.

How to prepare medicines:

The whole plant dried in sunlight and make powder is used treat urinary problems. Whole plant ground well can apply of skin diseases.

One of the ingredient in Ayurveda medicines like:-

Lashuna Erandadi Kashayam

Sukumaram Kashayam

Guduchyadi Tailam

 Maha Vishagarbha Tailam

Mundi churna

Mundi panchang swarasa

Mundi kavatha

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