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Crepe ginger

Scientific name of Crepe ginger: Costus speciosus

Name  of Crepe ginger in different languages:-

Sanscrit: Pushkarmula

Hindi: Keukand

Malayalam: Anakkoova - ആനക്കൂവ, Channakkova ചണ്ണകൂവ, Venkottam വെൺകൊട്ടം, Malavayambu-മലവയമ്പ്

Plant description:-

Creep Ginger is commonly growing in hot climate areas, it is tall, evergreen herb, stems are red in colour and growing from a rhizome from underground, it reaches up to the height of 2 M., dark green leaves are spirally arranged and 5-7 inch in length and 3-4 inch wide, flowers are white and big, center part of flower is yellow and its edges are like a frill and waxy look.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-long Margin-Entire Venation-parallel
 Linear-parellel-marginn-elongated  Margin_Entire  parallel2


Useful plant parts:

Whole Plant, Rhizome

Medicinal uses:

Rhizome is used to treat Fever, cold, asthma, bronchitis Rheumatic arthritis, Pneumonia, Diabetic, Liver problems, rash and intestinal worms.

Chemical content:


How to prepare medicines with Crepe ginger:

The well ground leaf pulp is applied on the forehead to treat fever; Whole plant boil in water to take the bath is very efficient to reduce cold.

It is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

Kutajashtaka Kashaya



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