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Black Plum

Scientific name of Black Plum: Syzygium cumini (Linn.) Skeels

Name of Black Plum in different languages:-

English: Java Plum, Jamun

Hindi: Jamun

Malayalam: Njaval ഞാവൽ

Plant description of Black Plum:

Black Plum or Njaval-Syzygium cumini (Linn.) is a slow-growing tropical tree, with dense foliage, it grows up to 30 m tall, and the leaves are pinkish when it is young and changing to glossy dark green, leathery when they mature. flowers of are small, fragrant and 5 mm in diameter, found in clusters, fruit is oblong, ovoid and green, when matured it turns pink to shining black, it is fleshy and contain a seed inside, berries are sweet with sour in taste.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-lanceolateMargin-EntireVenation- Reticulate
 lanceolate-ointed-at-both-ends Margin_Entire Recticulate

Useful plant parts: Stem, leaf, fruit

Medicinal uses: to treat diabetic, skin disorders

Chemical content: Antibiotic property

One of the ingredients in:

Amrithamehari Choornam


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