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Yellow zedoary

Scientific name of Yellow zedoary: Curcuma Zeodaria 

Name of Zedoary in different languages:-

English: White turmeric, Kachoora  

Sanskrit: Aam Ada

Hindi: Kachoora 

Malayalam: Mangaenchi-മാങ്ങയിഞ്ചി, Inchimanga

Plant description:

White turmeric is a deciduous herb of tropic regions of wetlands with a life span of 1.5 years, it resembles with turmeric in all parts, except rhizomes are  white in color. It grows up to 1 meter in height. The fragrant plant bears yellow flowers with red and green bracts. Rhizomes are tasted like mangoes and ginger so it is called in Malayalam Enchi Manga.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Lanceolate Margin-Entire Venation-parallel
 lanceolate-ointed-at-both-ends  Margin_Entire  parallel2


Medicinal uses:  

To purify the blood, gastric disorders, colds, flatulence, sexual problems.

Useful plant parts:


Chemical content:


How to prepare medicines:

It is an antiseptic, the  paste of rhizome can applied locally to cure cuts and wounds easly

Zedoary is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-


Eladi  Choornam

Hinguvachadi choornam

Karpooradi choornam

Brihat Chagaladya Ghrita

Kankayan Vati

Shwasahara Kashaya

Stanyajanana Kashaya

Manjishtadi Thailam

Vasa chandanadi Thailam


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