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Yellow Orchid Tree

Scientific name of Yellow Orchid Tree: Bauhinia tomentosa     

Name of Yellow Orchid Tree in different languages:-

English: St. Thomas Tree, Yellow Bauhinia, mountain ebony, Butterfly Tree

Sanskrit: Malapu, Phalgu

Hindi: Kachnar

Malayalam: Manja Mandaram

Tamil: Kanchana

Plant description:

Yellow Bauhinia is a small tree, branched; grow up to 4 m. The leaves are leathery, pale green, apex divided into two lobes, the flowers are bell-shaped, hibiscus-like, bright yellow with a deep maroon in the center, it turn pink-maroon when aged, flowering is December to March. The fruits are pods, contain 3-6 peas like seeds, flat, slender, velvety, and light green, and appear from January to June.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-heart shaped Margin-Entire Venation-Arcuate
 Margin_Entire  Venation-Arcuate


Useful plant parts:

Root, leaf

Medicinal uses:

To treat diarrhea, dysentery, Snake-bite, external application for inflammation.

Chemical contents:

Alkaloids, Flavanoid, Anti-Microbial, anti-fungal, Anti-oxidant, Anti-lipedemic.

White orchid tree - Vella Mandaram
White Orchid-tree
Yellow orchid tree -Manja Mandaram
Yellow-Bell Orchid
Red orchid tree -Chuvanna Mandaram
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