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Wild jute

Scientific name of Wild jute: corchorus trilocularis

Name of Wild jute in different languages: -

Sanskrit: Chanchu, Dirghachanchu, Kaunti, Raja-jira.

Hindi: Kadukosta, Kadvapath-कड़वा पात

Malayalam: Arenukam-അരേണുകം

Plant description:

It is many branched, annual herb usually growing up to at a height of 1 m tall, usually erect. Young branches are purplish and hairy. Leaves are lance-shaped sizes up to 12 cm length and 3.5 cm board. Flowers are yellow, Fruit is a slender erect, cylindrical in shape with many-seeded up to 7 cm.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Heart Margin-Dentated Venation-Cross venulated

 Margin_Denticulate-with-fine-dentition  Venation-Cross-venulate

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant.

Medicinal uses:

Leaves are used in the treatments to  reduce swellings, seeds are used in gripe and nausea.

How to prepare medicines:

Wild jute is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

Dadhika Ghrita


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