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White emetic nut

Scientific name of White emetic nut: Gardenia gummifera

Name of White emetic nut in different languages:-

English: Gummy cape jasmine, Dekamella-gum gardenia, Cumbi gum tree

Sanskrit: Nadeehingu, Hingunadika, Jantuka, Gandharaja

Hindi: Dekamari

Malayalam: Somanadikayam, Gandharajan, Nanchundam

Tamil: Sirukkambil

Plant description:

White emetic nut is a evergreen, branched, big shrub or small tree which grows to 3 meters. shrubs and small trees. The leaves are arranged oppositily, 5 to 50 cm long and 3 to 25 cm broad, dark green with leathery texture and glossy, marin entire, clear nerved, and tapered apex.stem thin, brownish color. The flowers are solitary or in small clusters, white turn pale yellow when mature, with a tubular-based corolla with 5 to 12 petals.The fruits is a berry,oblong green; seeds many, rugose. Fruiting is March onwards.

Leaf Arrangement

 Cuneate-wedge-shaped Margin_Entire Venation-pinnate

Useful plant parts:

Gum, Flowers

Medicinal uses:

To treat dyspepsia, carminative, diaphoretic, and diarrhea

medicinal properties:

Anti-toxic, anthelmintic, antispasmodic, expectorant, Antiepileptic, carminative, diaphoretic, peripheral and central Analgesic, Cardiotonic, Antioxidant, and Antihyperlipidemic

Chemical contents:

Flavonoid, phenolic acids, tocopherols and Tannins.


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