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Viscid Pseudarthria

Scientific name of Viscid Pseudarthria: Pseudarthria viscida

Name of Viscid Pseudarthria in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Prsniparni, Chitraparni, Guha, Kandabahula, Nirmalli, Salaparni or Pidhavan.

Hindi: Pidhavan, Deerkhamoola, Ekamoola, Chapakno

Malayalam: Moovila-മൂവില

Useful plant parts: whole plant, root, rhizome

Plant description of Viscid Pseudarthria:-

Viscid pseudarthria-Pseudarthria viscida is a semi-erect sub-shrub, with slender, reddish brown branch lets, leaves are alternate, tri-foliate leaflets, flowers are pink or rose, found in long terminal racemes and oblong, seeds are flat pods containing 4 shiny seeds.

Medicinal uses of Viscid Pseudarthria: to treat rheumatic arthritis, intestinal worm, asthma, fever, dysentery cardiac problem and to cure fractured bone. Vata disorders.

Chemical content:

How to prepare medicines:

Viscid Pseudarthria is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

Surasadi Thailam


Balajeerakadhi Kashyam

Brihatyadi kashayam 

Surasadi kashayam


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