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Velvet bean

Scientific name of Velvet bean: Mucuna pruriens

Name of Velvet bean in different languages:-

English: Devil beans, Cow itch, Indian Vayagra bean

Sanskrit: Athmaguptha, Kapikachu


Malayalam: Naikkurana നായ്ക്കുരണ

Plant description 

Velvet bean - Mucuna pruriens is an annual, climbing vines, grows over 15 m. , when the  plant is young it fully covered with stinging, fuzzy hairs, touching may cause heavy itching, leaves are tri-pinnately arranged, ovate or widely ovate, grooved and the tips are tapered. Flower are purple, in clusters, fruits are like pods, 10 cm long, 1 to 2 cm in wide, carries up to seven seeds, seeds are shiny black or brown in color, flattened, ellipsoids, 1 to 1.9 cm long and 0.8 to 1.3 cm wide.

Leaf Arrangement

 Cordate-heartshaped Margin_Entire Venation-palmate

Useful plant parts:

Root, Seed

Medicinal uses:

It is a is a miraculous herbal medicine, it  will vitalize testosterone glands that produce male sex hormones and increase semen quality and quantity, thereby cures infertility and make sexual life durable and enjoyable. It is also used in the treatments of Parkinson's disease,  nervous disorders, neuro-muscular disorders , Blood pressure and Diabetes. It is used as a medicine for neurological disorders and also used as a general tonic and energizer.

The root of plant is  applied to treat elephantiasis

Chemical contents:

Glucocide, Galicacid, lesidhin, glutathione, dyhyroxiphinyl, protein, mucunain, levodopa(Amino acid) and serotonin

How to prepare medicines:

The root of the plant is used in the prevention of premature ejaculation in male ( a piece of the plant root is kept in the mouth while  the time of  coitus to longing the time that makes the sex enjoyable).

Dried bean powder consume with milk daily can purified the blood.

Velvet bean is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

Brihat Ashwagandha Ghrita

Shilapravang Tablet

Mashabaladi Kashaya


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