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True custard apple

Scientific name of True custard apple: Annona reticulata Linn.

Name of True custard apple  in different languages:-

English: custard apple, wild-sweetsop, bull's heart, bullock's-heart.

Sanskrit: Ramaphala

Malayalam: Atha

Plant description:

True custard apple (Annona reticulata Linn.) is a small deciduous tree grows up to 10 meters tall. Leaves are slender, hairless, and straight and pointed at the end, up to 20 cm long and up to 7 cm wide. Flowers are yellowish green, in clusters of 3 or more.  The fruits are heart shaped, smooth outer, brownish yellow, seeds are shiny black, contain in fruits jelly which is sweet and aromatic.

Leaf Arrangement


 Margin_Entire Venation-pinnate

Useful plant parts: leaf, root, fruit, and seed.

Medicinal uses: To reduce inflammation, swellings, reduce pita and increase Vata, increase muscle strength, induce veins.

Chemical contents: Riboflavin, Niacin, Tayamin etc.

How to prepare medicines: leaf of plant ground with raw turmeric and applied on swelling areas.

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