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True cinnamon

Scientific name of True cinnamon: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Name of True cinnamon in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Twakpathram, Tamala

Hindi: Darusita ദരുസിത, Dalchani (दरुसिता), ധാൽചിനി

Malayalam: Karuva കറുവ, കറുകപ്പട്ട, ഇലവംഗം, ഇലവർങം, കറപ്പ

Plant description:

Cinnamomum zeylanicum is known as Cinnamon is a tropical tree are grows up to 10–15 meters tall. The leaves are ovate-oblong in shape, sized 7 to 18 cm long, flowers are arranged in panicles, greenish color, clustered and with a distinct odor. The fruit is a purplish green and 1 cm drupe, containing a single seed. Bark is brown, aromatic; add as a spice for flavor in curry items, which is used in medicinal uses.

Leaf Arrangement


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Useful plant parts:

Bark, root

Chemical content: Cymene, thymine, eugenol etc

Medicinal uses: Increase digestive power, to treat cough, respiratory disorders,

True cinnamon is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like


Dasanakanti Churnam

Karpooradi Churnam

Thaleesapathradi Choornam


Clearout Tablets



Shiva Gutika


Talisapatradi Vatakam

TriguniPlus tablets

Vyoshadi Vatakam



Chandanbala Laxadi Oil

Dayal Thailam

Grahanimihira Taila 

Guduchiyadi Tailam

Himasagara Tailam

Maharajaprasarini Thailam

Manjishtadi Thailam

Nisosiradi Thailam

Panchavalkadi Thailam 

Prameha Mihira Taila

Vasa Chandanadi Taila 

Vyaghri Taila


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