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Tooth ache plant

Scientific name of Tooth ache plant: Spilanthes acmella (L.) C.B. Clarke ex Hook

Name of Tooth ache plant in different languages:-

English: Paracress, electric daisy

Sanskrit: Dandoori, Stoopichanda, Danthuri

Malayalam: Palluvedana chedi-പല്ലുവേദനചെടി, Akravu അക്രാവ്

Plant description of Toothache plant:

Tooth-ache plant -Spilanthes acmella (L.) C.B. Clarke ex Hook is a small, erect, annual herb, grow up to 40 cm tall, commonly in plain areas, roadsides etc., leaves are simple, bright green, tapered apex, heart shaped and margin toothed, flowers are small, deep yellow in color.

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant, flower

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-tapered Margin-Serrated Venation-pinnate
 Margin_Serrated--Forward-teething  Venation-pinnate


Medicinal uses:

leaves and flowers is a remedy for stammering, toothache, and stomatitis, useful in malaria,  dysentery and rheumatism.

Chemical content:

Flavanoids,  sesquiterpene lactones, sterols, amides,  spilanthol, glucopyranoside and triterpenes

Medicinal Properties:

Anti-inflammatory, Diuretic, Antibacterial,  Analgesic, and Insecticide

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