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Tiger foot morning glory

Scientific name of Tiger foot morning glory: Ipomea pes-tigridi

Name of Tiger foot morning gloryin different languages:-

 Sanskrit:  पंचपतिया Panchpatia

 Hindi: पंचपतिया Panchpatia

 Malayalam: Pulichuvadi പുലിച്ചുവടി

Useful plant parts: Whole plant

Plant description of Tiger foot morning glory:-

Tigerfoot Morning Glory-PulichuvadyTiger Foot Morning Glory - Ipomea pes-tigridis  is a twining annual vine, herbaceous, hairy, spreading. The leaves are ovate, up to 10 cm in diameter, palmately, up to 9-lobed, similar to tiger's paw. The flowers occur in axillaries, white and up to 4 cm long and occur in September -November. The fruit is ovoid and sized to 6 -7 mm in diameter.

Medicinal uses of Tiger foot morning glory:

Wound healing, headaches, poisonous stings, snake bites, swellings etc

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