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Talbot Memecylon

Scientific name of Talbot Memecylon: Memecylon talbotianum

Name of Talbot Memecylon in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Neelanjani

Tamil: Alli, Kaya, கல்காசான் kalkaasan, கஞ்சன் kanchan

Malayalam: cherukaasaav-ചെറുകാശാവ്, Kayavu- കായാവ്, Kayamboo -കായാമ്പൂ


Plant description:

Talbot Memecylon is a Western ghats small trees, grow above 1000 meters altitude, endemic, grow to the height of 8 m tall. Bark grey and finely fissured. Branchlets substrate, and glabrous, the leaves are simple, arranged oppositely, petiole 0.5 to 1 cm long, elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, end narrowly acuminate, base acute, margin entire. Flowers are blue, found in axillaries on a short peduncle. The fruits are berry, 0.8 cm across, green turning yellow when ripe with single seeded.




Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Oblong Margin-Entire Venation-pinnate
 oblong  Margin_Entire  Venation-pinnate


Useful plant parts:

Bark, root, seeds, leaf

Medicinal uses:

Anti-diarrhoeal, Hypoglycemic, Antimicrobial, Wound healing.

How to prepare medicine:

Well ground leaf paste can applied on herpes wounds to cure fast.

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