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Sirovasti is an Ayurvedic treatment procedure of Kerala Ayurveda,  applying or retain medicated oil using a particular cylindrical leather cap fit on the head for a particular time. It is very helpful in the treatment of facial paralysis, chronic headaches, migraines, depression and mental disorders. It brings a cooling effect to the nervous system and induce nerves the result is relieving of stress and strain of mind and nerve.

Benefits of Sirovasti treatment:

Nostrils dryness

Frequent headaches

Relieve migraine pain

Reduce depression

Control eye and other ENT problems

Treat facial paralysis

To reduce mental disorders

To cure Cervical Spondylosis

Ingredients used in the preparation of  the medicated oil used in Sirovasthi treatment

Sesame oil-Gingelly oil- Nallenna

Staff tree- Neeral- Cassine kedarnathii

Castor oil- Avanakkenna

Black gram- Uzhunnu

Winter cherry- Amukkuram

Indian Country mallow-bala- Kurumthotty


Ghee- Neyyu

Milk -Pashuvin Palu


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