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Shell ginger

Scientific name of Shell ginger: Alpinia zerumbet

Name of Shell ginger in different languages:-

English: pink porcelain lily, Variegated ginger or Butterfly ginger

Malayalam: Malainchi മലയിഞ്ചി

Plant description:

Alpinia Zerumbet is a perennial, evergreen tropical herb, erect, that grows in upright clumps, up to 10 ft tall. Leaves are dark green, arranged oppositely, length up to 75 cm, tapered both the end. Rhizomes are used as medicine, which resembles ginger.The flowers are white with pink marks, born in clusters on top of plant, fruits capsules, globose, dark green resembles cardamom; color turns deep red when ripe.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Linear Margin-Entire Venation-longitudinal
 Margin_Entire  Venation-Longitudinal


Useful plant parts:

Rhizome, leaves

Medicinal uses:

The leaves and rhizomes are effective for HIV-1, antidiabetic, antioxidant

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