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Purple yam

Scientific name of Purple yam: Dioscorea alata

Name of Purple yam in different languages:-

English: Greater yam, Asiatic yam

Hindi: Kondfal (कोंदफळ)

Malayalam: Kachil (കാച്ചില്)

Useful plant parts: Rhizome

Plant description of Purple yam

Purple yam is a climber vine grow up to 20-25 meter tall with supporting tree, stems are purplish in color and square shaped and slippery while green on the stem or leaf. Leaves are green and tapered at the end with the heart shaped, a tuberous root is called yam used as a vegetable. The tubers are usually in white or purple in color, hence the common name is Purple yam.


Medicinal uses:

laxative and vermifuge, used in the treatments of fever, hemorrhoids, gonorrhea, leprosy and tumors.

Chemical contents: Sapogenins - is used to prepare cortisone, testosterone, and progesterone

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