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London Rocket

Scientific name of London rocket: Sisymbrium irio

Name of London rocket in different languages:-

English: Mustard rocket, London Hedge Mustard

Sanskrit: Khubkala, khakasi

Hindi: Khubkala

Malayalam: khakasi- കാകശി

Plant description:

It is an annual herb, found in Roadsides, waste places etc., grows up to half meters tall, leaves are broad at the base and often lobed, the upper part of leaves are linear in shape and length up to four inches. The flowers are small, pale yellow with four petals, flower from Jun to August,  stems are slender with branches. The fruit is a long, green when ripe, narrow cylindrical shaped.Seeds are small, red and oblong.

Useful plant parts: Flowers, leaf, Seed

Medicinal uses:
To treat coughing, cold, fever, asthma, throat problems, rheumatism, chest problems, eye problems etc.

Chemical contents:
Quercertin, isorhamnetin, khubkalaapigenin, glucosides, apigenin, galactoside, B- ditosterol and kampferol.

London rocket is used as an ingredient in:

Gojihwadi Kashaya

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