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Liquorice weed

Scientific name of Liquorice weed: Scoparia dulcis 

Name of Liquorice weed in different languages:

English: Stone breaker, Scoparia-weed, Goat weed, sweet-broom, Sweet broom weed.

Sanskrit: Asmagni

Hindi: मिठी पत्ती Mithi Patti

Malayalam: Kallurukki –കല്ലുരുക്കി, Meenanganni

Plant description

It is an erect annual or perennial herbs grow up to 30 cm. Leaves are small, sized 1 to 3 cm long and 0.5 to 1.5 cm wide, ovate, oblong, apex acute, Flowers are small and white, in axillaries, solitary 4 to 7 mm long. Capsules are 1 to 2 mm, globules. Seeds are 4-angled and reticulated.

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-oblong Margin-Dentated Venation-Reticulate
 oblong  Margin_Serrated--Forward-teething  Recticulate

Medicinal uses:

to remove kidney stone, analgesic, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory, to control pita and kapha, fever, wound, skin diseases.

Chemical content:

Scoparic Acid, Scopadulcic acid, Scopadulciol, Scopadulin.

How to prepare medicines: 

To remove kidney stone -

Plug one or two whole plant and wash  in cold water, and then ground well and keep in tender coconut water (Cut the top of whole coconut and pour the juice in to it and closed with cut piece) keep it for a night and drank it in the morning. Repeat this for three days. 

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