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Scientific name of Bicolor Persian Violet: Exacum bicolor/Exacum tetragonum

Name of in different languages:-

English: Bicolor Persian Violet

Sanskrit: Akshipushpi

Hindi: Avachiretta, Bara-charayatah,

Malayalam: Kannanthaly-കണ്ണാന്തളി

Tamil: Cheti-செடீ

Useful plant parts:

Whole plant

Plant description:

Bicolor Persian Violet is an annual herb, found in Deccan platue and western ghats ares in grass land altitude up to 1350 meters, it grow to up to 1 m high. The stem are quadrangular, oppositely Oppositely and stalk less, the leaves are narrow, elliptic to lance shaped with a acute apex and rounded at base. Flowers are very attractive in violet white yellow combination, born in axillary apex in clusters, The sepals four, long, ovate are joined together,tube are long,petals up to 2 cm long, broadly ovate and acute apex. Flowering is September to December.

Medicinal uses:

To treat eye diseases, skin problems, stomach pain, urinary problems and diabetics.

How to prepare medicines:

Juice of plant can pour in eyes to cure eye ilness

It is one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like:-

Ingredient in Ayurveda Kashayam

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