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Scientific name of Banana tree: Musa paradisiaca Linn.

Name of Banana tree in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Kadali, vana lakshmi, svaduphala, dirghapatra, kashthirasa, rambha, mochaka, urustambha, tantu

Hindi: कदली-Kadali, केला-Kela,

Tamil: வாழை-Vazhai

Malayalam: Pooja Kadaly-പൂജാ കദളി , Bhagavan Kadaly-ഭഗവാൻ കദളി , Kadali Vazha-കദളി വാഴ

Plant description:

It is a large herb, grow up to 9 m in tall, found in tropical areas the leaves are dark green, leaf blade is about 1.5 m and oblong, sheaths tubular, forming a thick watery trunk. The cone is heart shaped, maroon in color develop from the heart of the plant and, it grows as large hanging cluster (bunch) is developed as fruit, which is leathery, oblong, fleshy and when it ripe color change green to yellow and fragrant.

For the medicinal purpose and in Hindu poojas, commonly used variety is Kadalyppazham, the other names are Bhagavan Kadaly and Pooja Kadaly.

Useful plant parts:

Fruit, leaf, stem, rhizome.

Medicinal uses:

To treat scurvy, burning sensation, to control worm infestation, to increase digestive power, hemorrhoid,

How to prepare medicines:

One of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

Himasagara Tailam

Aviltholadi Bhasmam

Panaviraladi Bhasmam

Arukaladi Thailam


Scientific studies:

Tags: കദളിപ്പഴം ( Kadalippazham) പൂജാകദളി Pooja Kadali

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