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Scientific name of Jeevani: Tricopus zeilanicus 

Name of Jeevani in different languages:

Sanskrit: Jeevani, Rishi Bhojyam

Hindi: Jeevani

Malayalam: Aroghyapacha(ആരോഗ്യപ്പച്ച).

Plant description:-

Jeevani is a small herb commonly found in forest areas of Western Ghat areas, sandy soil near rivers areas. The leaves are cordate, dark green sized about 20 cm long and grow from a rhizome, flowers are purplish black.tribal peoples of Kerala (kani) are eaten this plant's leaf and seeds to get energy while they are taking the long walk through the forest, to reduce fatigue si it is called 'Arogya pacha' literally meaning " Leaves give strength". Another name Munibhojya means ‘Food of sages (Rishies)’.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Triangle Margin-Entire Venation-paarallel
 triangle  Margin_Entire  parallel2


Useful plant parts:

Leaf, Seeds

Medicinal uses:

To increase blood circulation, to reduce anxiety tribal peoples eating leaf and seeds, to reduce fatigue.

Chemical content:

Flavonoid, glycosides, glycolipids.

How to prepare medicines:

Chew fresh leaves and seed to get energy

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