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Java fig tree

Scientific name of Java fig tree: Ficus microcarpa

Name of Java fig tree in different languages:

English: Indian Laurel Fig, Indian Laurel, Chinese banyan

Hindi: कामरूप Kamarup

Tamil: Kalichi, Kal-atthi,

Malayalam: Kallitty- കല്ലിത്തി, Chelamaram.

Plant description 

Ficus microcarpa is an ornamental evergreen tree, mostly throughout in Western Ghats areas, it grow as a parasite on big trees, it grow up to 20 m tall in warm climates, it commonly grow in the walls of buildings, bridges, highways, the leaves are simple, elliptic-ovate  to obovate , apex rounded,  margin entire, fruiting is  January-April.

Useful plant parts:

Root, Bark

Medicinal uses:

Ayurveda medicinal preparation


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