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Jackal Jujube

Scientific name of Jackal Jujube: Ziziphus oenoplia

Name of Jackal Jujube in different languages:-

English: Small-Fruited Jujube, Wild Jujube

Sanskrit: Karkandhu, Laghu badarh

Hindi: Makkay, Makai

Malayalam:  Tudali-തുടലി, Cheriya Elanta-ചെറിയഇലന്ത

Tamil: Suraimullu -ஸுரைமுல்ல, Surai ilantai 

Plant description:

It is a very spiny shrub, rusty-velvety, with paired thorns, commonly grow as a weed, in abandoned areas, semi-forest areas. The leaves are arranged alternately, simple, ovate-lance shaped, apex acute-acuminate three nerved and many transverse nervous, leaf margin denticulate. The flowers are tiny, green, borne in nearly stalkless cymes in leaf apex. Fruits are berries, globose or ovoid drupes, black, shining.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Heartshaped Margin-Entire Venation-parallel
 oblong-ovate  Margin_Entire  parallel2


Useful plant parts:

Fruits, root, bark, leaf

Medicinal uses:

Treat hyper-acidity, Infection, stomachache and healing wounds, sore throats, dysentery, and uterus inflammation.

Medicinal properties:

Hepato-protective, Astringent bitter, anthelmintic, digestive and antiseptic

Chemical contents:

Saponins, flavonoids

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