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Indian Pavetta

Scientific name of Indian Pavetta: Pavetta crassicaulis

Name of Indian Pavetta in different languages:

Sanskrit: Papata, Tiyakphala

Hindi: Kankara, Kathachampa

English: Indian Pellet Shrub

Malayalam: Mallayamutti, Mallikamutti, Pavatta

Useful plant parts of Indian Pavetta: bark, root

Plant description of Indian Pavetta-

Indian Pavetta - Pavetta crassicaulis is an evergreen shrubs or sub-shrubs, found in grasslands, in small wood areas, and tropical areas, leaves are simple, oppositely arranged, occur in triple whorls. The flowers are small, white, and tubular there are four spreading petal lobes occur in branch end.

Medicinal uses: relieving the pain of piles, hemorrhoids

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