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Indian heliotrope

Scientific name of Indian heliotrope: Heliotropium indicum 

Name of Indian heliotrope in different languages:

English: Scorpion tail plant

Malayalam: Nappacha-നാപ്പച്ച, Venappacha-വേനപ്പച്ച, Thekkida-തേക്കിട

Useful plant parts: Whole plant

Description of Indian heliotrope

Indian heliotrope (Heliotropium indicum ) is an annual herb, erect, branched; grow up to 50 cm tall. leaves are simple, dark green, alternately arranged, oblong-ovate and heart shaped, It has a hairy round stem, flowers are white or bluish-white, in a green calyx; five stamens, borne in a corolla tube.

Medicinal uses: to remove warts, to treat tumors, inflammations, analgesic for rheumatism pain, diuretic and used for numerous skin problems like scabies, ulcers, eczema, impetigo etc.

Chemical content: Alkaloids, it is a toxic plant


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