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Scientific name of Hondala: Adenia hondala 

Name of Hondala in different languages:

Sanskrit: विदारी Vidari

Malayalam: കരിമുതുക്ക് Karimutukk, മുതുക്ക് Mutukk

Plant description of Hondala:-

It is  found in South India, in deciduous forests, Westernghat areas, large tuberous, woody climber with tendrils, leaves are green palmately lobed, and large,16cm long and 6 cm wide, oblong. Stems are thick at nodes. Flowers are large, greenish, bell-shaped, and curled backed petals, flowering and fruiting in March to August. Fruit is green when immature, and it turn orange when  ripe.

Useful plant parts: Whole plant, roots

Medicinal uses:

Snake bites therapy, to treat gastrointestinal disorders, malaria, cholera, anemia, bronchitis, leprosy, scabies, STD, inflammation, pain, fever.

Chemical contents: lanceolin, stenodactylin, and volkensin

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