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The scientific name o fHiptage: Hiptage benghalensis

Name of Hiptage in different languages:-

English: Helicopter Flower

Hindi: Madhavi lata-माधवी लता

Malayalam: Njarambodal- ഞരമ്പോടൽ, Madavi-മാധവി

Tamil: Vasantakaala malligai-வசந்தகால மல்லிகை

Plant description-Hiptage:

It is a perennial, evergreen vine, or woody climbing shrub, Leaves are narrow and drooping, arranged oppositely, lance-shaped, tapered apex.The flowers are clusters of white to yellow, and strong pleasant fragrant,fluffy-toothed edges, fruits are three-winged, helicopter- fan like fruits.

Useful plant parts: bark, leaves and flowers

Medicinal uses: To treat wounds, ulcers, burning sensation, cough, and asthma.

Chemical Contents:

Medicinal properties: expectorant, aromatic, anti-inflammatory acrid, astringent, vulnerary, cardiotonic, bitter, and insecticidal

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