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Half Flower

Scientific name of Half Flower: Scaevola sericea

Synonyms:  Scaevola frutescens, S. koenigii

Family:  Goodeniaceae

Name of Half Flower in different languages:-

English: Beach naupaka, Beach plum, Beach grape, Fan flower, half flower, Sea lettuce.

Sanskrit: Bhadraksha

Hindi: Safed modak, Bhadraksh

Tamil: vella-muttagam

Malayalam: Badraksham-ബദ്രാക്ഷം, Vellamodakam- വെള്ളമോതകം 

Plant description:

It is a spreading evergreen shrub, grows up to 3 feet tall, the leaves are long ovate apex, waxy and fleshy, length up to 8 inches The flowers are white five petals in a fan shape, grow in small clusters, found throughout the year. The fruits are berries, fleshy and white in color, contain lightweight, buoyant seeds.

Useful plant parts:

Leaf, stem, bark, fruit

Medicinal uses:

indigestion, diarrhea, headaches, swollen legs, sore eyes, as an antidote


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