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Gulf Leaf-Flower

Scientific name of Gulf Leaf-Flower: Phyllanthus Niruri   

Name of Gulf Leaf-Flower in different languages:

English: Seed-under-leaf, Stonebreaker

Sanskrit: Bhumyamalaki, तमालकी Tamalaki

Hindi: हजारमणी Hajarmani, कनोछा Kanocha

Malayalam: Keezharnelli കീഴാർനെല്ലി

Plant description:

Phyllanthus Niruri - Gulf Leaf-Flower is an annual herb, slender, growing up to 80 cm tall. Leaves are pale green, stalks 0.5 mm long, elliptic-oblong, dark green. Fruits are round, tree-lobated, 1.6 to 2 mm in diameter, under the leaves, it is small and smooth. Flowering is August to September.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Odd pinnate Margin-Entire Venation-pinnate

 Margin_Entire  Venation-pinnate


Useful plant parts:

Whole plant

Medicinal uses:

Used in the treatment of jaunties, fever, urinary disorders, kidney stone etc.

Chemical content:

Phyllanthin, hypo Phyllanthin

How to prepare medicines:

Gulf Leaf-Flower is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

Shwasahara Kashaya

Chemparuthyadi Kera Tailam

Guduchyadi Tailam

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