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Giant Taro

Scientific name of Giant Taro: Alocasia Indica

Name of Giant Taro  in different languages:

English: Elephant Ear taro, Great-Leaved Caladium

Sanskrit: Manakanda, Manak Mahapatra, Dirghadal, Mahacchada, Mahatpatra, Pankanca

Malayalam: Chembu ചേമ്പ്

Plant description:

Elephant Ear Taro (Alocasia Macrorrhizos) is a herbaceous flowering plant grows up to 4.5 m tall, stem is large and along, big leaf are arranged at the end of the stem and green in colour, with waved margin, shaped like elephant's ear, size up to 75 cm with the help of a mid- rib, heart shaped and tapered apex, flowers are yellow. Roots are white and long with root hairs; rhizomes are the useful part of the plant.

Useful plant parts: leaf, rhizome

Medicinal uses:

Anti oxidant, Anti-microbial, and Hepato protective.

Chemical content: Alocacin

Giant Taro Rhizome


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