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The scientific name of Frangipani: Trifolium pratense

Name of Frangipani in different languages:-

English: plumeria, Pogodo tree

Hindi: Chempak

Malayalam: Chempakam-ചെമ്പകം 

Sanskrit: Sugandhika

Plant description:

It is a deciduous tree or big shrubs, commonly found in tropical or subtropical areas. The leaves arranged oppositely, somewhat a rosette manner at the branch end, oblong-ovate, simple, margin entire, clearly nerved, glossy and dark green in color; the flowers are born in the center part of leaf cluster at the branch ends, it is found in clusters of 5-8, very attractive and fragrant, color pale yellow, enter part deep yellow, five petalled. Stem are fleshy, smooth, stem produces a sap, which may cause irritation to the skin. there are 300 different varieties of plumeria are available.

Useful plant parts: Flowers

Medicinal uses: To treat gonorrhea, ulcers, swelling, calluses, warts

Chemical content: Amirin,   Fulvoplumierin, Triterprenoid, lupeol

Medicinal properties: Antibiotic

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