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Four-Leaved Clover

The scientific name of Four-Leaved Clover: Marsilea quadrifolia

Name of Four-Leaved Clover in different languages:-

English: European water clover

Sanskrit: sushni

Malayalam: Naalilakkera

Tamil: aalaik keerai

Plant description:

It is a semi-aquatic plant, grow in  shallow water or loamy soils, wetlands and marshy areas, with trailing stems and  slender, the leaves are simple, bright green, four-sided, like the original 4-leaf clover, erect. Leaflets obdeltoid, to 2cmlong, glaucous, petioles up to 15 cm long; Sporocarp ellipsoid, on stalks to 2cm long, attached to the base of petioles.

Useful plant parts: Whole plant

Medicinal uses:

To treat snake poison, coughing, skin problems, diabetics, eye problems and abscesses, It is used to treat snakebite.

Medicinal properties:

Anti-inflammatory, febrifuge diuretic, depurative and refrigerant.

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