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Fish berry

Scientific name of Fish berry: Anamirta cocculus

Name of Fish berry in different languages:-

English: Levant berry, Indian berry, Levant nut, Cow killer

Sanskrit: Garalaphala, Kakamari

Hindi: Kakamari

Malayalam: Anamrytu-ആനയമൃത്, Polla-പൊള്ള,  Pettumarunnu-പെട്ടുമരുന്നു

Plant description of Fish berry

It is a large-stemmed climber vine, large stemmed up to 10 cm  diameter, reach at the top of big trees, the stem grows up to 10 cm in diameter and with a  gray color, commonly found in evergreen forest, waste areas. The flowers are small, sweet-scented yellowish-white in color. Fruits are drupe, many, found in clusters, size up to 1 cm diameter. Traditionally it is used to catch fish or as a pesticide.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Cordate Margin-Entire Venation-reticulate
 Cordate-heartshaped  Margin_Entire  Recticulate


Useful plant parts:

Fruits, root

Medicinal uses:

To treat Kapha, Vata, bronchitis, ulcer, inflammation, chronic skin diseases and cough.

Chemical content:

Picrotoxin, berberine, palmatine, magnoflorine and columbamine.

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