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Fever Nettle

Scientific name of Fever Nettle: Laportea Crenulata

Name of Fever Nettle in different languages:

English: Devil Nettle, Elephant Nettle

Hindi: Morange, Utigun

Malayalam: Anachoriyanam(ആനച്ചൊറിയണം) അങ്കര., ആനമയക്കി, ആനവണങ്ങി, കട്ടൻപ്ലാവ്, ചൊറിയണം, ആനവിരട്ടി,

Plant description:

Stinging Nettle is a large shrubs or small trees growing up to 16 ft tall, the bark is white and smooth with blaze. Branches are cylindrical with glandular stinging hairs, leaves are alternate, spiral, Petiole is 2 to 5 cm long, with stinging hairs, leaves are 10 to 34 cm in size, and Flowers are uni-sexual.

Useful plant parts: Root, Whole plant

Medicinal uses:

chronic fever, malaria, dysentery, urinary disorder, Irregular menstruation, swelling etc.

Chemical content: Lecithin, Carbonic acid, Formic acid

How to prepare medicines: Root’s boiled water is efficient to treat fever, Leaf and root grinded well and apply on swelling,

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