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Elephant Nettle

Scientific name of Elephant Nettle: Dendrocnide sinuata 

Name of Elephant Nettledifferent languages:-

English: Devil Nettle, Fever Nettle

Hindi: Morange, Utigun

Malayalam: Ankara-അങ്കര,  Anachoriyanam-ചൊറിയണം

Plant description:

Elephant Nettle or Fever Nettle is large shrubs or small trees growing up to 5 meters tall. The bark is white and smooth; branchlets are cylindrical and circular in cross section with stinging hairs. Leaves are simple, alternatively arranged. Contact with the nettle may cause an unbearable itch and cause to have fever and chills.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Heart shaped Margin-Serrated Venation-Dichotomous
 Margin_Serrated--Forward-teething  Venation-Dichotomous


Useful plant parts:


Medicinal uses of Elephant Nettle:

Longing fever.

How to prepare medicines:

Touching of this plant will make itching; its roots juice is capable of  reducing the  longing fever.

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