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East Indian screw tree

Scientific name of East Indian screw tree: Helicteres isora Linn

Name of East Indian screw tree in different languages:

Sanskrit: Avartaphala, Rangalata, Vamavarta, tindukini, vibhandi avarttani, mrigashringi

Hindi: Marorphali-मरोड़ फली, Bhendu, Jonkphal,

Malayalam: Valampiri-വലമ്പിരി

Plant description:

East Indian screw tree - Helicteres isora Linn is a partially deciduous shrub, in WesternGhats, hilly areas, grow up to 5 meters tall, leaves are simple, nerved with serrated margin, scabrous at top and pubescent bottom, stem is 2.5 to 12.5 cm in diameter, bark is gray parts is covered with hairs. Flowers are orange -reds, solitary, 2.5 to 5cm long. Fruits are greenish brown, about 5 cm long; beak-shaped and spiral to both left or right, cylindrical, in maturity by exploding, scatter the small seeds.

Useful plant parts: bark, fruit, root

Medicinal uses:

It contains many antioxidants, anticancer, antidiabetic and antimicrobial activities, it is used to diabetic treatments

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