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East Indian Arrowroot

Scientific name of East Indian Arrowroot: Curcuma Angustifolia

Name of East Indian Arrowroot in different languages:

Sanskrit: Tavakshiri, Payahkshir, Yavaj, Gavayodbhav, Vanshya, Vanashakshiri, Palashagandha, Parthivi

English:  Arrowroot.

Malayalam: Koova കൂവ

Useful plant parts of East Indian Arrowroot: Rhizome

Plant description

Arrowroot - Curcuma Angustifolia is perennial herb, grows up to 1 - 1.5 M height. Leaves are simple, green and lanceolate, with margins and 36 to 37 cm length and 8 to 10 cm in wide, flowers are pink, funnel-shaped, flowering begins from July to August, seeds are a reddish-brown in color.Roots are tuberous (rhizome) which is the useful part of the plant.

Medicinal uses:

To treat indigestion, dysentery, burning sensation while urinating, and bladder stone

How to prepare medicines: Used in many of health increase mixtures

East Indian Arrowroot is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-



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