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Dye Fig

Scientific name of Dye Fig: Ficus gibosa Blume / Ficus microcarpa

Name of Dye Fig in different languages:

English: Dye Fig, Humped Fig, Humped Fig Tree, Indian Laurel

Sanscrit: Udumbaram

Hindi: Paker

Malayalam: Ethi (ഇത്തി)

Plant description:

Dye Fig is a climber, forming a tree with prop-roots, height up to 25m. Leaves are alternately arrange, dark green above and below pale green in colour and round tipped, size is about 18 cm long and 9 cm wide, tip is oval in shape. Fruits are appearing in the leaf axils, round and sized 1.5 cm when ripe colored in orange to red.

Useful plant parts: Leaves, Bark, Fruit, Root

Medicinal uses:

One of Nalpamara, To treat Kapha, pita disorders, Ulcer, Blood sugar, Skin diseases, vaginal diseases, leprosy.

Chemical content: Tatin, Saponin, wax

How to prepare medicines:

Dye Fig is the one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like


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