All about Ayurveda & Medicinal Plants


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This Website is only for the purpose of information and intended to those who are interested to know more about Medicinal plants and Ayurveda medicines, we are trying to offer the best possible information about herbal plants and how it is used to prepare traditional  herbal medicines, and how it is used  in the preparation of Ayurveda medicines.

It is not for a substitute medical advice. Please try to Avoid self-treatment with Ayurveda medicines, unless under the advice of a registered medical practitioner. Improper use of some plants and it’s by products or Ayurveda medicines may harmful to us. Any misuse of this website is punishable one. 

All information collected by various ways like direct asking, books, the internet etc., if there is any mistake noticed, feel free to contact us, if it is reasonable we promise to rectify as soon as possible. 


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