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Scientific name of Decalepis: Decalepis arayalpathra

Name of Decalepis in different languages:-

English: Decalepis

Sanscrit: Gandapala

Malayalam: Amruthapala-അമൃതപ്പാല

Plant description of Decalepis:

Decalepis or Amruthapala is a Western Ghats plant, at altitude of 800-1200 m, woody shrub with leaves reddish-brown in colour, resemble with ficus and the leaf with the measurement of 4cm -6cm and 2cm to 3.5 cm width, flowers are strongly smelling, so it is called Ganda pala, flowering is February to September, root of the plant tuberous and aromatic.   

Useful plant parts: Whole plant.

Medicinal uses: To treat peptic ulcer, cancer.

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Deepa Mohan / Flickr


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